From Heart to Heart

On 20 May 2021, Challenge Moscow launches the All-Russia & International From
Heart To Heart Campaign, symbolising love for sports, perseverance, and striving for success.
The emblem of the Campaign is a Big Heart, energised by millions of small ones,
symbolising a survival, recovery, and a new life of a healthy society enjoying personal and
common victories.
Starting from all over Russia and overcoming the hardships of 2021, triathletes and
amateurs run, cycle, and swim towards Moscow, passing a Virtual Heart to each other. An
interactive map at shows all the route, race, swim, and track details,
as well as the progress of each team and participant.
TV channels, journalists, and bloggers cover the Big Marathon, with millions of
netizens joining to fill the Big Heart with their energy.
The Event starts on 20 May 2021 and ends on 17 July 2021 in Moscow’s Gorky Park at
the Challenge Moscow Triathlon World Series Opening Ceremony.
The From Heart To Heart Closing Ceremony is very festive. The Gorky Park Expo-
Zone houses the Big Interactive Heart filled with the energy & names of those hundreds of
thousands who ran, swam, and cycled from Vladivostok, Kaliningrad, and Sochi to Moscow.
The viewers and guests of the Ceremony watch thousands of videos shot by the Event
participants while stage performers greet the public with their music.
The Gorky Park Big Screen shows millions of followers’ hearts filling the Big Heart,
with the whole world watching.
The Big Heart becomes the symbol of a new world full of love and esprit de corps.
Let your heart beat in unison with ours. Support Challenge Moscow by posting a
message to us with #CHALLENGEMOSCOW in your account, and we will invite you to
Russia for the most beautiful Challenge Moscow Opening Ceremony on 17 July 2021.

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