CHALLENGEMOSCOW is one of the 35 qualifying race for THECHAMPIONSHIP in total there are 72 qualifying slots for the 2022 edition of THECHAMPIONSHIP

  • One slot for each of the top six (6) finishers in each male and female age group at CHALLENGEFAMILY full distance and middle distance races.
  • Slots will roll down in each category up to 12th place.
  • Qualifiers will have four (4) weeks to confirm their spot after the qualifying race.
  • Qualifiers will receive their slot by e-mail after the race.

CHALLENGEFAMILY Professional Athlete Slots

  • One slot for each of the top six (6) male professional finishers at all CHALLENGEFAMILY full distance and middle distance races in the qualification period (6 slots per race).
  • One slot for each of the top six (6) female professional finishers at all CHALLENGEFAMILY full distance and half distance races (6 slots per race).
  • Slots will not roll down.
The Championship Qualification